You Want More Sales From Your Leads - So Do We

At CUORE we believe in one simple truth, our job is to help you sell more - Period.

We are passionate about selling…not about serving more calls. We truly care about your program’s outcome and success. It’s central to everything we do from our technology, our training, our operations, to every detail. This approach is one of the key factors that distinguish us from other call centers in the industry.

We love selling.

At CUORE we are very purposeful about building dedicated teams for our clients. Based on our process of carefully selecting and training sales teams, we are able to instill a results oriented approach throughout our entire organization…and that makes all the difference!

We will nurture your leads, not burn through them.

We believe in working all of your leads and getting the most out of each one. EVERY call is important and we treat it that way. Our goal for your calls is a successful outcome resulting in a new sale. Because of this we are able to focus our call agents on positive outcomes, not just more minutes. This approach ultimately helps us deliver better results and higher close rates for our clients.

Learn how traditional Call Center Reporting and Metrics are missing the mark. Request our guide to learn more about how using more sales oriented measurements can help improve the results of your telemarketing programs.