Delivering Exceptional Performance With A Focused, Dedicated and Better Trained Team

We value your leads as much as you do. Which means when you work with CUORE, our team is focused on delivering the best possible outcome for your business – making the sale.

Investing In Better Skills and Retention

We invest in our people by developing the very best skills of any call agents in the business. This includes customer service, selling skills and of course how to best manage your leads on the phone.

It’s this focus on skills training and success that allows our US only call center to retain top talent year after year. Agent retention produces quality, seasoned results in better performance and a meaningful customer experience.

Knowing the value of each potential customer is critical for your program’s success with CUORE.

While our training starts with solid phone and selling skills for our agents, it doesn’t stop there. We also believe that every agent working on your account must have a thorough understanding of your business, products and customer experience. This level of detail is built into every training program that your CUORE team receives before they start handling calls for your business.

Taking a Long-Term Approach

Our investment in our agents does not end after the initial training. Showing our team a career path and how each of our agents can grow in the business is central to our ability to retain more top performers than any other call center in the industry. Our experienced, well-trained team is your key advantage in working with CUORE.

Discover the importance of the human capital advantage an experienced call center team can have on the success a Direct Marketing campaign. Request our guide –featuring the success metrics in the Call Center Industry.