Smarter Call Technology Is a Major Advantage For Your Dedicated Team At CUORE

Every product is unique and requires a unique set of skills on the phone to get the most out of your leads. Some products need a helpful customer service approach, while others require a more sales oriented effort to be effective. We also know that agents can have good days and often times great days. Your dedicated sales supervisor optimizes call routing and directs to agents that are handling your calls on any given day…and is a key driver of success for your program.

Success Based Call Routing

To do this efficiently, we have developed proprietary switch technology that allows true skills based and performance enhancing routing and scripting for each and every call we manage. This technology accounts for a number of factors including best skills fit, and product sale success over the past month, week, and day. This long and short-term success tracking is applied for every agent on your team to ensure your calls are sent to those that will optimize sales on a daily basis.

The Roll of Our Call Coordinators in Getting the Most Out of Your Leads

However we also know that tools and technology are only as good as the people using them. That’s why our call coordinator is critical to the success of your program. Using proprietary technology, our call coordinator makes results based real-time adjustments to your call assignments and can move them to where they are best directed for sales success on any given day. It’s this combination of both technology and a human touch element to manage your program that is CUORE’s real advantage.

Learn more about how our call center technology can be your advantage in converting more leads into new sales and greater revenue. Request our guide on how smart decision based call routing is better than time based call center routing.